HWiNFO 4.3

An assistant for the complete monitoring, management of your PC's hardware
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HWiNFO is a powerful assistant for the complete monitoring, management & maintenance of your PC's hardware, so that it constantly provides you with peak/optimum performance, as well as maximum uptime data. This tool has been designed to '... collect and show the maximum amount of information about your PC/laptop hardware'. And it surely doesn't disappoint! It delves deeply into your hardware and informs you detail about its components.
Another major feature is real-time monitoring. What this means is that while running, critical system information about processor, motherboard, BIOS, RAM memory, current timing and related areas is displayed in a program window . These values are continuously updated at regular intervals of time. By studying this window for sometime, an advanced user, admin or hardware engineer will be able to tweak the system for better performance, investigate a fault or to step-in and change resource allocation, priority, mix of executing programs etc.; whenever human intervention becomes necessary, as for example, when the computer begins to 'hang' or 'freeze'.
If your PC has any sensors connected to it, they can also be monitored by this tool. HWiNFO has five key benchmark tests under it's hood viz. CPU Integer,CPU Floating Point,CPU MMX, Memory and Disk Drive Benchmarks.
Yet another important feature is extensive reporting, that in turn, may be used for a variety of purposes such as analyzing system health, initiating timely maintenance, avoiding breakdowns&failures, and so on. And if all of the above isn't enough, you can enhance HWiNFO by downloading and installing available third party add-ons and plug-ins, or by writing your own, using HWiNFO's SDK (Software Development Kit).

HWiNFO has won several awards during it's lifetime. In the world of PC hardware profilers, that consists of tools such as CPU-Z, Speccy, Belarc Advisor etc., it is valued as one of the best programs. It automatically updates itself and to keep up with the times, pro-actively adopts the latest technologies and standards. Best of all, it's free !

Raju Chacko
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  • Powerful, yet free.
  • Small-sized installers (all < 5 MB).
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