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HWiNFO is a system diagnostic and monitoring tool for Windows
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HWiNFO is a system diagnostic and monitoring tool for Windows. After a quick scan, HWiNFO provides comprehensive information about your system’s hardware and software. From a quick configuration summary to a detailed report of every single component in your computer, the data that HWiNFO provides will help you make sure your PC runs proficiently on a daily basis.

There are three important features that this utility focuses on hardware and software analysis, generation of reports, and real-time system monitoring. Additionally, the 32-bit version of HWiNFO can perform benchmarks.

The system scan takes place automatically and the information centers on details of the processors, motherboard, memory, with specific data about each hardware component, including driver manufacturer, provider, and version. This information can be used to generate reports in formats like LOG, HTML, CVS, and XML.

One thing that similar programs fail to encompass and that HWiNFO has is its real-time system monitoring. Sensor Status displays in-depth information like CPU usage, memory speed, memory timings, voltage, temperature, frequencies, Windows Hardware Errors, etc. Sensus Status interface is customizable, it is possible to organize exactly what you deem as important first and everything else secondarily. You can customize the graphs size, color, and more.

Overall, HWiNFO is an essential tool if you care about the health and stability of your computer. The information it provides about your system can be of help to avoid complications that require extensive repairs/replacements/attention to software/hardware components. HWiNFO is free to download and is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

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  • Easy to install and use.
  • Comprehensive data about hardware/software components.
  • Info is easy to read.
  • Real-time monitoring with graphs and gadgets.
  • Costumizable.
  • Generates reports in several formats.
  • Frequently updated to support the latest hardware components.
  • Addons to extend its functionality


  • 64-bit version lacks benchmarking tools
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