HWiNFO 6.30

Displays hardware information like graphics card, RAM, and sensors status

HWiNFO is a utility for monitoring the performance of your system and checking detailed information regarding your hardware components. This application might prove to be of good use if your Windows PC stopped working like it used to and you're looking for an easy way to identify if a hardware issue is causing the unfortunate event.

Once you launch the app on your computer, it immediately starts fetching info regarding the current state of your system. This program provides you with real-time monitoring, without slowing down the performance of your system in the process.

You can learn the current GPU temperature, command rate, memory clock values, and many others. The app lets you save the report to your local directories if you need to share the offered information with other people.

Even though on the homepage of the developer it says that you can export the given reports to multiple file formats (CSV, HTML, XML, etc.), I was able to save my report to only one format - CSV. Another thing that bothered me while testing the utility was that it offered me a limited amount of network-related aspects. Other apps of its kind provide you with more information, such as IP address or subnet mask.

It's worth installing this free application on your PC if the aforementioned issues don't mean much to you.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Real-time monitoring
  • Allows you to export the given report
  • Supports various hardware devices


  • Supports only one output format for reports (CSV)
  • Limited amount of network-related details
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